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About Us

Filling the existing supply gap in this space, Motus Asia is the only consultancy in the country that operates with an exclusive focus on the Portuguese-speaking countries and markets, in the search and implementation of business, partnerships and investment opportunities.

A boutique consulting company specialized in connecting and facilitating business development and internationalization of the brand “Lusofonia”.


Fostering cross-cultural business negotiations and promoting bilateral dialogue bringing the countries closer. Contributing to the development and strengthening of commercial and economic relations between ASEAN, via Singapore, and all Portuguese speaking countries. 

Removing Cultural and Geographical Barriers.



We, at Motus, have a culture of purpose beyond profit. 

For every successful business or project - motivation is, in fact, the single catalysing element needed. Strength and growth are never by mere chance, they result of tenacity and continuous work. And, my view is, in order to be successful we need to have a corporate mission. 

Ours is clear. 

Daniela Romão -  CEO & Founder of Motus Asia 

December 2019


Meet Motus founder, Daniela Romão, a Portuguese entrepreneur permanent resident in Singapore, with an extensive professional experience of 17 years.

She has worked in international trade and investment agencies, change management, business development, communication and marketing for several companies across diverse industries. From Oil & Gas to Multinational Personal Care Corporations and Premier league European Football Clubs, as well as public sectors, worldwide. Working as Business Development Manager and Marketing specialist for an Agriculture & Hydroponics International company and later in the Civil Infrastructure sector.


​Following a long dream, the family relocated to Singapore in December 2015. Daniela speaks fluently Portuguese, Spanish and English, intermediate French and conversational level of Mandarin. Daniela is a life enthusiast and a strong believer and advocate of women’s rights and equality. She loves cooking for her friends and of course Soccer! Running is not her thing.


If you wish to find out more about our services or arrange for a consult  please contact us now.

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