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Seminar "Exploring Lusophone Africa", a partnership with SBF and Enterprise Singapore

In association with our partners Singapore Business Federation and Enterprise Singapore, Motus is proud to announce another edition of the FYI: Lusophone Africa Festival.

Please join us in the webinar "Exploring Lusophone Africa", on the 11th September, 4pm (SG local time).

I will be presenting an overview on all Lusophone African countries and moderating the fireside chat focusing on Angola and Mozambique and the unique sectorial business opportunities that Singapore companies can consider exploring.

We will be having an outstanding panel of speakers:

- António Henriques da Silva, President of AIPEX Angola;

- Lourenco Sambo, Director of AIPEX Mozambique

- Rui Oliveira, Head of BFA Asset Management, Banco de Fomento Angola (BFA)

- Greame Robertson, Chairman & CEO, Intrasia Capital Pte. Ltd.

- Oscar Brito, President of Sonangol Asia Ltd.

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